Viber – Talk Free. Text Free. Anywhere.

Viber – Talk Free. Text Free. Anywhere.

Viber lets you talk, text and send picture messages to anyone, anywhere in the world.

And its free. This is a quick round up of the App which has saved me more money than any other!


Ok, Ok, I know this isn’t a new App,  but when I first had the idea of doing an App Of The Month post series, Viber was the first App that came to mind. It has single handily saved me more money than any other App.

I got hold of this App about 2 years ago, having found it in the App Store. It promised free VoIP (or calls via the internet to most of us), to anyone else with an iPhone, just like the real thing. No username, no password and no need to have the App open to receive a call. “A lot of my friends have an iPhone” I thought. “And I always go over my talk allowance”, but what I was really thinking was: “Will it really be any better than Skype?”

I was a little dubious about it asking for access to my contacts at first – “surely this is a con” came to mind…But I did some quick research and armed with that, plus the fact that Apple had allowed it to be in the App store in first place, convinced me the App was not going to fill my ears with the depressing sound of spammy texts.

And after a little use and word spreading (I started with no one else in my contacts using Viber and within a week had at least 10 people using it every day), I realised that it not only blows Skype out of the water, it beats most of the other Instant messaging Apps which are available too.

How It Works

Viber is based around a central database of all the phone numbers which are signed up to it. When you sign up for Viber, it asks you to enter your phone number (sending you a text to confirm) and asks for access to all your contacts.

When you confirm, your number is added to the database. The App then searches your contacts to find any other phone numbers matching the ones in its database. If any match, they are added to your “Viber Contacts” and you are added to anyone who has your number and Viber. Thats the reason you don’t need any usernames or passwords – if you are in the database and someone with Viber has your phone number, you will appear in their Viber Contacts list and visa versa.

Then using the App, you can call them. And they can call you – the phone will use push notifications to alert you. And all this is done without any fuss (or adverts), over VoIP for FREE.

Its Free

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but its free. Free… As in, you don’t have to pay.

Earlier on today, I had a 54 minute, unbroken call to my friend in Canada. From England. For free. This is the reason I believe it has saved me more money than any other App. I’ve been able to have 2 hour long business meetings across the world without interruption or worry of a huge phone bill.

The call quality is often better than a normal phone call. The only time it gets iffy is if you or your contact has a poor internet connection. Even then though it tries its best to hang on!

Other Additions

It’s come a long way since I first got it.


On top of the (free) call function, you can also text other Viber users. Again a great way of saving money!

Picture Message

Although the introduction of iMessage has and nullified some of the use for this feature, it is still useful if you want to send a picture message and want to make sure you don’t get charged. Also, iMessage doesn’t work with anything but iOS devices. As you’ll find out below, Viber can.

Other Platforms

Although originally, Viber was only available on the iPhone, they’ve spread the love! You can now get at least some form of support on Android,  Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada platforms. So you can interact with them as broken down bellow:

iOS and Android:

  • Calls
  • Calls Over 3g
  • Texts
  • Picture Messages


  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Picture Messages


  • Texts
  • Picture Messages
  • (Calls Coming Soon)

Nokia and Bada:

  • Texts
  • Picture Messages

So thats your lot. If that didn’t convince you to go and get Viber now, then maybe this will – It’s FREE.

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